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US Highway 101 in northern California, Eureka and Arcata

Eureka Road Tour

Eureka Road Tour

Enjoy the drive up US Highway 101 in northern California around sunset time. This drive begins at California Route 211 (from Ferndale) and hops onto 101 for the drive through Eureka and Arcata. There’s a brief stop for dinner, and then the drive continues to the Clam Beach area, where I tried to catch a sunset.

Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge, Humboldt Bay California

Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge, Humboldt Bay California
Just minutes from the Bayshore mall, Fort Humboldt State Park is an oasis tucked within Eureka’s city limits. Pack a picnic lunch and prepare for a calm afternoon meandering through historic logging displays and short walking tour.

Perched on a grassy hill overlooking Humboldt Bay, Fort Humboldt was originally established in 1853 to provide protection for both Native Americans and the rush of gold miners of the region. Fort Humboldt also served as a supply depot for other posts in Northern California.

Fort Humboldt’s most famous resident was Ulysses S. Grant, who served there for less than a year in 1854 as a 4th Infantry captain.

At its peak, Fort Humboldt had 26 buildings, including a hospital and surgeon’s quarters and a stockade.

After the Civil War ended, the need for the fort diminished and it was closed in 1866 and abandoned in the 1870s.

Today the park is a peaceful retreat for those who take the time to wander around the grounds. There are picnic tables, a walking tour and logging museum.